Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Through its years of experience, A. S. Thomas, Inc. has developed many advanced manufacturing technologies which have enabled selected customers to establish significant competitive advantage. Thomas Milling is an example of one such manufacturing technology.

 Turbine blades machined using NUFORM Level-II. Blade on the left is a gas turbine stator ground to finish via a NUFORM EXPERT SYSTEM on a high performance 6-axis CNC belt grinder. Blade in the middle is a steam turbine bucket milled to a 16 micro-inch finish in one pass! Blade on right is a gas turbine rotor milled to finish from a rough forging in one pass to a 16 mirco-inch finish (.4 micro-meter finish)! The machined blades were produced at high speed, in one pass, using the patented THOMAS MILL, and THOMAS machining methods.

Free standing Turbine Blade machined using NUFORM level-II at high speed, in one pass using the patented THOMAS MILL and THOMAS machining methods.

Another view of free standing turbine blade machining.

High speed Turbine blade machining; machining all features of blade above root platform in one set-up including "squealer tip" and tip end trim operations. Four downstream set-ups and subsequent operations were eliminated.