Status | 08/ 6/2020

A. S. Thomas, Inc. is open following all CDC, State, and Local regulations with respect to COVID-19.  All visitors must wear masks and follow social distance guidelines (6 ft.).  If you are sick having any signs/symptoms associated with COVID-19 or been in recent contact with those who have COVID-19 please do not attempt to enter the facility.  Your help in containing the spread of COVID-19 is appreciated.

NUFORM Winter 2020 Update

New Features/Updates | 08/ 6/2020

The Winter 2020 update to the NUFORM System introduces concurrent user licenses. Please contact us for further information with respect to this new license type.  No changes have been made to the traditional licenses.

Corrections have been to handling of multiple area sweeps/line cuts in side screen surfaces auxiilary modifiers (changes in wall tolerance, feeds/speeds, etc.).

Enahancements have been made to the solid modeling of machining and te management of resulting models.

NUFORM Fall 2019

New Features | 02/21/2020

Numerous updates and enhancements have been released as part of the NUFORM Fall 2019 Release.

NUFORM Level-II V5.5 is a performance improvement release.  Numerous functions have been optimized and bugs fixed.

Machining Simulation has received significant performance feature enhancements.

STL Support STL generation, editing and usage has been expanded.

NUFORM Winter 2018 Release

New Features | 05/ 2/2018

The NUFORM Winter 2018 Release contains many new features and corrections to the software.

The IGES import and export has been changed to better support composite curves as well as add support for units of measure specification for Space Curves.  NUFORM Level-II has added support for units of measure for 93-5, space curves.

STL files are now supported in assemblies.  Such may be freely mixed with NUFORM Level-II surfaces and curves and transformed properly when assemblies are created for outputs STL files.  Utilities have been provided to allow for transformation and scaling of STL files.  A special utility program allows for slicing STL files in any arbitrary plane and creating NUFORM Level-I and NUFORM Level-II inputs.

Performance improvements have been made in NUFORM Level-II.  Such are most apparent when utilizing Windows-10 Fall Creator's Edition.

Windows 10

Software supported on all versions | 11/19/2015

The NUFORM Software and all associated software runs with no known issues on all versions of Windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit.

NUFORM Machine Simulator

12/ 5/2013

The NUFORM Machine Simulator is a completely new product replacing the material removal simulation previously integrated with InteractiveLevel-II.  The Machine Simulator in its initial release provides the following capabilities:


  • Utilizes STL definitions for both input raw stock, finished part and machine part.
  • Model may be dynamically rotated, scaled, and translated.
  • Display modes analogous to the GL display:
    • Standard Motion – rotation in part about “A”, tilting in spindle about “B”
    • All motion in tool – part does not move
    • All motion in part – tool does not move
  • Uses standard NUFORM tool definition and tool holder data from InteractiveLevel-II.
  • Collision detection.
  • Runs as an independent process allowing simulation while running InteractiveLevel-II in parallel.
  • Machine specific simulation separately available.
  • Utilizes multiple cpu’s/cores if available.

New Larger Facility


A. S. Thomas, Inc. has moved into a new larger facility that can house both its manufacturing and office.  The facility will allow for significant expansion with Corporate Headquarters, software development, machine shop, and ASTRRA assembly being in one facility.

The new facility is located at 44 Industrial Way, Norwood, MA 02062 just a couple of miles down Route 1 from the former corporate headquarters and a short walk from the former machine shop.

Windows-7 64 bit Supported


A. S. Thomas, INc. is pleased ot announce that all software has been successfully tested and is supported on WIndows-7 64 bit.  All versions of Windows-7 from Home Premium through Utlimate bothe 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

Windows 7 Supported

Windows-7 Support
December 17, 2009
A. S. Thomas, Inc. is pleased to announce that the complete NUFORM System, SCROLL-EX, and ASTRRA products are supported on MICROSOFT Windows-7 32-bit versions.All of the NUFORM System, i.e. Level-I, Level-II, Family of Parts, postprocessors and other components have been tested and run on Windows-7.In tests Windows-7 has proven to require less memeory and take better advantage of the underlying computer hardware than Windows-VISTA. A. S. Thomas, Inc. recommends that any customers utilizing WIndows-VISTA consider upgrading to Windows-7.

NUFORM Performance Enhancements

INTEL High Performance Compilers | 11/22/2011
NUFORM System performance enhanced
December 17, 2009
NUFORM Level-II utilizing the performance enhancement and optimization features of the INTEL FORTRAN compiler takes advantage of multiple computer processors/cores and I/O sub-system enhancements to reduce run times.Depending on the nature of the inputs, performance improvements range from slight to 50% or more.