NUFORM Winter 2018 Release

NUFORM Winter 2018 Release

New Features | 05/ 2/2018

The NUFORM Winter 2018 Release contains many new features and corrections to the software.

The IGES import and export has been changed to better support composite curves as well as add support for units of measure specification for Space Curves.  NUFORM Level-II has added support for units of measure for 93-5, space curves.

STL files are now supported in assemblies.  Such may be freely mixed with NUFORM Level-II surfaces and curves and transformed properly when assemblies are created for outputs STL files.  Utilities have been provided to allow for transformation and scaling of STL files.  A special utility program allows for slicing STL files in any arbitrary plane and creating NUFORM Level-I and NUFORM Level-II inputs.

Performance improvements have been made in NUFORM Level-II.  Such are most apparent when utilizing Windows-10 Fall Creator's Edition.