A. S. Thomas, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Feedscrew Expert System that assures the reliable design and manufacture of package feedscrews. Scroll-Ex technology has been used successfully to produce thousands of high quality feedscrews for most every bottling and packaging industry and application.

The Scroll-Ex label on your feedscrew insures that you are running the finest quality product available. Scroll-Ex is a comprehensive design, manufacturing and quality assurance system that not only produces the smoothest running screw but provides product traceability to insure that all replacement screws will be identical to the original.

This pair of 30" orientation screws were designed and machined in under three hours.

Scroll-Ex feedscrews provide the following benefits:
  • Consistent screw design and performance
  • Higher line speeds
  • Less package failures with fewer broken bottles or crushed containers
  • Greater flexibility in screw geometry/motion
  • Handles any package geometry
Scroll-Ex screws are available for all packaging requirements

Scroll-Ex technology handles all standard and custom screw configurations. Screw geometry is automatically designed based on package geometry and motion:

  • Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Rotation or Turning
  • Dwell (any number of dwells)
  • Root Diameter changes, and more

    Custom screws may be designed based on a mix of any of the above features

Scroll-Ex Licensed Distributors

Members of:

Scroll-Ex licensed distributors are high quality manufactures who have been thoroughly trained in the use of Scroll-Ex technology and all have over ten years experience in the design and manufacture of quality feedscrews. Scroll-Ex distributors can assist in feedscrew design and other related packaging applications.


For more information on Scroll-Ex products and licensed distributors please contact A.S. Thomas, Inc. at 781-329-9200 or via E-mail: sales@asthomas.com