See ASTRRA in Booth S-4009


Our new products are the buzz of the show


ASTRRA introduces the 1st Automated Laner



And our 3rd Generation linear actuator

Above top current 2G actuator bottom New 3G actuator. This new actuator has the same power as the 2G in 1/2 the volume and still plug and play.


WestPack 2015 February 10-12

Scroll-Ex and ASTRRA OneTouch | 04/ 1/2015

WestPack 2015 February 10 - 12, 2015

See Scroll-Ex at Booth 5012

A. S. Thomas, Inc. will be showing Scroll-Ex and timing screws designed and fabricated as compnent of the automated change-over system.

ASTRRA OneTouch with Scroll-EX integration will be exhibited.

PackExpo 2014 November 2 - 5

Booth S-1517 | 04/ 1/2015

PackExpo 2104 November 2-5 Chicago



Scroll-Ex Expert Feed Screw Technology will be shown by A. S. Thomas, Inc. at PackExpo 2014, November 2 - 5 in Chicago at Booth S-1517.

Scroll-Ex at PackExpo 2012

Automated Timing Screw Aperture Adjsutment | 04/ 1/2015

Scroll-Ex developed Timing Screws featured in Automated Timing Screw Aperture Adjustment introduction:

Rotary and linear actuators provide automated precise timing screw and line aperture adjustments to be demonstarted at A. S. Thomas, Inc. S-976 


Rotary and linear actuators

New Larger Facility


A. S. Thomas, Inc. has moved into a new larger facility that can house both its manufacturing and office.  The facility will allow for significant expansion with Corporate Headquarters, software development, machine shop, and ASTRRA assembly being in one facility.

The new facility is located at 44 Industrial Way, Norwood, MA 02062 just a couple of miles down Route 1 from the former corporate headquarters and a short walk from the former machine shop.

Windows-7 64 bit Supported


A. S. Thomas, INc. is pleased ot announce that all software has been successfully tested and is supported on WIndows-7 64 bit.  All versions of Windows-7 from Home Premium through Utlimate bothe 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

Windows 7 Supported

Windows-7 Support
December 17, 2009
A. S. Thomas, Inc. is pleased to announce that the complete NUFORM System, SCROLL-EX, and ASTRRA products are supported on MICROSOFT Windows-7 32-bit versions.All of the NUFORM System, i.e. Level-I, Level-II, Family of Parts, postprocessors and other components have been tested and run on Windows-7.In tests Windows-7 has proven to require less memeory and take better advantage of the underlying computer hardware than Windows-VISTA. A. S. Thomas, Inc. recommends that any customers utilizing WIndows-VISTA consider upgrading to Windows-7.

NUFORM Performance Enhancements

INTEL High Performance Compilers | 11/22/2011
NUFORM System performance enhanced
December 17, 2009
NUFORM Level-II utilizing the performance enhancement and optimization features of the INTEL FORTRAN compiler takes advantage of multiple computer processors/cores and I/O sub-system enhancements to reduce run times.Depending on the nature of the inputs, performance improvements range from slight to 50% or more.

DMG DMU60 Installed

DMG DMU60 Installed
September 24, 2008
In order to support development of new manufacturing processes, tooling and allow for small lot production of parts for selected customers, A. S. Thomas, Inc. has purchased a DMG DMU60. The DMU60 is a true 5-axis machining center equiped with high performance rotary axes, a high power spindle, HSK63A tooling, laser tool setter, contact probe and a high performance Heidenhain CNC control.

VISTA Support Available

NUFORM System supported on VISTA
October 09, 2007
A. S. Thomas, Inc. has finished validation of the NUFORM System software running on Windows VISTA. Aside from third party import/export of model data for those packages that do not run on VISTA, i.e. UG, all components work with no restrictions.

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